AE Studio

AE studio developed a habit making tool for best-selling author BJ Fogg in 2 weeks

bj fogg habits recipe maker

Could you tell us more about the project?

We are working with BJ Fogg, professor and director of Behavior Design Lab at Stanford and the author of Tiny Habits, the New York Times bestseller. He developed a method for changing behaviors by adopting new habits. In addition to the book, BJ wanted to create an online tool that would let people easily make new habits using his methodology. That's how the idea of Recipe Maker was born.

Recipemaker is a responsive web tool, which lets you choose the anchors (the conditions) and desired behaviors to create a new habit. It also evaluates the habit to indicate whether it's a good idea or if it most probably is not going to work. After creating a habit, people can also share their email to get helpful tips about behavior change from the author.


Why did you choose Strapi?

We needed a tool that would save us the time of making custom API from scratch and at the same time provide a simple admin panel interface to let BJ independently edit the content of the widget. We also needed a tool that would let us add some custom code.

We had a look at hosted cloud CMS but ran into some limitations. For example, it was impossible to make certain models public and certain not using a hosted CMS for the backend. It means that if we wanted to make behaviors and anchors public we would have to do so with user's recipes and emails, which is not acceptable.

With Strapi, we didn't have any data privacy issues.


How did you implement Strapi in your project?

The content model is pretty simple: we have several collection types (anchors, behaviors, categories, recipes made by users, user emails) and we have implemented criteria models to rank the ready-made recipes.

BJ can modify the behaviors, anchors, and the ranking system at any time through the admin panel. He can send emails to users who have submitted their habit recipes through a form on a widget.

We also implemented a custom functionality that sends an email to BJ every time a new recipe is submitted.

The widget is embeddable which lets anyone add it to their website.


How did Strapi help you reach your objectives?

With Strapi, we saved a lot of time because we didn't have to develop a custom API and had an intuitive admin panel out of the box. We finished the project in 2 weeks.

Strapi gives us a great balance between having something ready-made and not having to write everything from scratch. We get just the right level of customization and flexibility.