How Continuum delivered a corporate website for Banco Internacional with 30 custom roles

  • 30 custom roles in Strapi
  • 200 000monthly website visits
  • 15point user NPS growth

Tell us more about the project, what are the challenges and needs that you faced?

Banco Internacional needed to redesign its public, corporate website. We focused on improving customer service by having a modern design and raising the tech standard. Their site was built using old technology and had a bad user experience. Also, many documents on the public website are compulsory, required by law, and always need to be updated. Therefore, a fast way to update those documents was required, and a CMS with different roles seemed to be the right solution.


Why did you choose Strapi?

We chose Strapi because the bank needed a CMS that would allow control of the administration and publication of the contents of the public site in a friendly and flexible way. We needed a customizable Headless CMS to build a fast, modern website using cutting-edge technologies, and from all the options we evaluated, Strapi stood out.

We loved that it is Javascript-based as we use React.JS for the project. Also, it supports GraphQL, which is a great plus for us. We also paid attention to the fact that Strapi is open-source , which means there's a community that can help and great support. One more important criterion is that Strapi can be self-hosted. As our client is a bank and they need to ensure a high level of security, they prefer hosting everything on-premise.


Why did you decide to use Strapi Bronze Enterprise Edition?

Banco International is a large financial structure with many products. The information about each area of their activity should be regularly updated. There are nearly 30 content types, and there's a different person in charge of each. We needed a high level of control to ensure that each person could only access the information they were responsible for and not the other content. With Strapi, we can choose what content types each person can access, and it's great.

We also needed to ensure that users don't delete anything accidentally since not all bank employees are advanced tech users. With Strapi, we could set the create, read, update and delete rights for each content type, which gave us the perfect level of granularity. We set up the right permissions, and we can be sure that only the right people can make modifications to the website and that nothing will be deleted unintentionally.


What benefits did Strapi give you?

We were able to develop the entire website using the frontend framework we wanted to use and GraphQL. Once we learned how to use Strapi, we could add new pages really fast. When in doubt there was very complete documentation on the site and community support. We could provide the desired level of security to the bank by letting them host the website on-premise and enabling really precise roles so that employees can only access the content they are responsible for.


What would you advise to someone who has never tried Strapi?

Strapi is a must-try Headless CMS. Very well documented, great features, and has a very active community that can help you out whenever you face an issue. Be aware that new versions come out very often, hence if you want to have all the new features, you need to keep it up to date, following the upgrade process described in the documentation.

Strapi is a great choice because we were able to develop the entire project really fast. When in doubt there was very complete documentation on the site. Besides, we could connect with all technology of the bank.

Matías Seguel, Product & Tech Lead

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