Delivery Hero

How Delivery Hero maintains a consistent user experience within their app

  • 42countries
  • 22,000employees
  • 500,000restaurants

Could you tell us more about the project: what were your needs and the challenges you faced before meeting Strapi?

Delivery Hero offers its partners a B2B Portal - a mobile-first, progressive web app with self-service capabilities and real-time and statistical data. Nearly 100,000 partners use the product in an average month in 25+ languages. We wanted to provide a partner training center where Delivery Hero’s local teams can manage the content (text, videos, and attachments).


Why did you choose Strapi?

Internal, commercial and traditional CMS solutions were considered, but we needed a headless CMS which is easy to implement and customizable for our needs. Strapi allowed us to maintain a consistent user experience within our application, and Strapi is exactly what allowed us to do this. It allowed the Portal to maintain the visualization of the content. In addition, our JavaScript stack was a good fit with Strapi's architecture. Based on this, we want to give Strapi a shot and do a PoC.


Are you happy with your choice?

After we decided to go with Strapi, shortly afterward, we got the first iteration of Delivery Hero’s partner FAQ in a production environment. Training local teams to use the admin took 30 minutes. Considering this, we are very happy with our first experience with Strapi.


What would you advise to someone who has never tried Strapi?

I would recommend giving it a try! Bigger CMS providers might provide a more structured Admin experience, but our requirements were covered with Strapi with some small internal developments. The return on investment has already paid off for Delivery Hero.

When we wanted to provide a partner training center where Delivery Hero’s local teams could manage the content (text, videos, and attachments) by themselves, we turned to Strapi.

Niko Nurmentaus, Senior Product Manager

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