Finary increases organic traffic by 100x after building SEO pages with Strapi

  • 70ksessions / month
  • 75% SEO Traffic
  • 62% growthof conversion rate

Could you tell us more about the project?

Since launching Finary, we have focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a powerful acquisition channel but requires time and resources, especially from a development perspective. To scale SEO, we needed to create a UX-friendly infrastructure and publish helpful content pages at scale. We are a small team, so we decided to automate things as much as possible.


How did you manage content before using Strapi?

We used classic blogging CMS tools, but we quickly ran into limitations in UX / UI customization and third-party data usage. For example, we use real-time pricing data on the crypto pages, which we pull from third-party API. Not all CMSs offer this functionality.


Why did you choose Strapi?

We chose Strapi for four reasons:

  • Endless possibilities to customize our landing page design.
  • Agility of the tool regarding data extraction and management. We can display the real-time price and market data on the website, improving the UX and providing value to website visitors.
  • Complete autonomy for our content team to push new pages live (no developer help required).
  • Compatibility with our existing tech stack.

We had great feedback from team members who had used the tool in previous roles. After seeing what could be done with it, we didn't hesitate to choose Strapi.


Which tech stack did you choose along with Strapi? What features did you use?

We used Next.js for the front end. We built most of the SEO pages using Strapi and some static pages on our website. Since Strapi is open-source and customizable, we could develop custom "mother" relations for content types and use the available relations feature.

We also used Dynamic Zones, Internationalization, the Draft&Publish feature, Media Library, Roles and Permissions, REST & GraphQL API.


How did Strapi help you to reach your objectives?

With Strapi, we’ve automated more than 80% of the page creation, leaving only the writing to our content team. We can now choose a keyword to rank on, write the content and publish it without the help of the devs.

Classic, you say? The big difference is that when we publish the page, the setup allows us to generate FAQs, add the Google markup, and even automatically retrieve real-time data such as the price of certain financial assets (cryptos, stocks, ETFs, etc.).

Since we implemented the Strapi setup, our SEO traffic has been multiplied by 100, and our conversion rate on SEO pages increased by 62%.

Here are some examples of the pages we built using the Strapi setup:

With Strapi, we could automate 80% of SEO page creation and 100x increase the organic traffic. Our content team can independently create new pages without asking devs for help.

Romain Finot, Growth Lead at Finary
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