Creating a new AMP story format for the 20th anniversary


Could you tell us more about the project: what were your needs and the challenges you faced before meeting Strapi?

For the 20th anniversary of the L'équipe website, we have introduced a new format called AMP story. It's a web component framework optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help web pages load faster. For the 20th anniversary, we launched the first story relating sports web stories during the last 2 decades.

We needed to offer a simple tool to allow the emergence of new formats and configuration tools to leave the product owners autonomous.


Which tech stack did you choose along with Strapi?

After several headless CMS tests, we opted for Strapi for its active community and because it's an open-source project.

We use Strapi with a frontend in Vue.js and a backend in PHP / Symfony. Strapi is used as a full-fledged microservice in our architecture.


Are you happy with your choice?

We are very happy with our choice! Strapi is a solution that meets perfectly our expectations.


Are you able to share some kind of performance or ROI metrics that speaks to time or resources saved from using Strapi?

We have drastically reduced our development time. Now, simple tools dedicated to our Product Owners take only a few days, compared to weeks before. We also avoid multiple deployments, as the former static configurations are now dynamic.


What would you advise to someone who has never tried Strapi?

Try it! You’ll end up using it.

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