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Could you tell us more about the project: what were your needs and the challenges you faced before meeting Strapi?

Our team has been utilizing Strapi for customer projects for over two years, with a notable case study being Mobile Measures. Mobile Measures is a Mobile Application on the Apple & Android store that provides physical and occupational therapists access to high-quality patient assessment tools scientifically proven to measure critical aspects of patient health.

To build the Mobile Measures application, we needed a robust administrative portal that could handle dynamic content types and be launched quickly to meet the growing demand of the project.

After testing Strapi through internal projects, we were confident in the speed to market that Strapi offered and could quickly and confidently recommend the tool to our customer, Ben Kenuk.


Why did you choose Strapi?

Most of our customers come to us looking for our specialization in Mobile Applications and App Store Consulting; with this said, it makes great business sense to specialize our team in that - mobile applications.

Normally, our team would have to staff additional specialists for back-end technologies; however, with tools such as Strapi.js, we can rely on the Strapi team and the community to handle the administrative side while we focus on our specialty - Mobile Apps.


Are you happy with your choice?


Our customers could easily understand and administrate their application data from within the Strapi portal with minimal training and effort required on our part. It's essentially a dream come true!


What would you advise to someone who has never tried Strapi?

I'll leave this answer to one of our lead experts from Spain, Fernando Del Olmo.

From Fernando,

"Multiple blogs and resources explain Strapi.js and deployment to Heroku with mLab (now MongoDB Atlas).

Although the setup with Strapi is easy, developers need to create a well-thought-out structure for their database and data so that it can be easily accomplished when your customers want to add new types of data.

Strapi itself is extremely easy to use, so we (as developers) can focus on the data structure and not on re-inventing the wheel."

For a full case study of the Mobile Measures application by OpenForge, please visit the official case study here.

We saw many benefits in terms of time and resources costs and satisfaction in our teams. The client can add more data whenever they decide, and they can see the updates on the app without having to wait for a new version of their app.

Fernando Del Olmo, Software Engineer

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