Palmabit & Intred

Palmabit uses Strapi as an omnichannel CMS for telecom provider Intred

  • 19% growthof session duration
  • 9% growthof returning visitors
  • 18% dropof bounce rate

Could you tell us more about the project?

Our customer Intred is a big telecommunications company in Italy that offers fiber-optic connection, asymmetric digital subscriber lines, radio, and data hosting services. They hired us, Palmabit, and Nadir, a UI agency, to create a new corporate website and a portal for investors. Their old website was developed using WordPress which slowed all the processes down and worsened performance. To get rid of the old CMS legacy, we used Strapi as a backend to manage the frontend of two different websites.


Why did you choose Strapi?

Our developer team specializes in Javascript, and we needed a backend solution. Since Strapi is Node.js-based and open-source, it perfectly fits our tech stack.

We needed to use a self-hosted solution since it's a precise security requirement from the customer. Intred offers cloud services, that's why they wanted to host all data on-premise.

Choosing a headless CMS was a must since we wanted to use one backend for several frontends to be more efficient.


How did you implement Strapi in your project?

The old website was built using WordPress. Even though we could use WordPress API, it's quite difficult to integrate and not intuitive at all. That's why we migrated everything from WordPress to Strapi.

We used Next.js and React for the frontend, MongoDB as a database, and Intred as a cloud provider. We also use Gitlab as CI/CD solution and Docker.

Strapi lets us deliver content not only to two custom frontends but also connect with internal Intred services and virtual connectors.

We're also planning to use custom roles to ensure the right granularity in permissions since the Strapi admin panel will be used by different departments in Intred as well as external agencies that manage content and design.


How did Strapi help you reach your objectives? 

With Strapi, we could develop both websites in less than 3 months because it saves a lot of our time by providing API out of the box. We enabled an automatic Internet offer subscription on the website for Intred customers, and it processes 50-100 orders per day without any performance issues.

The custom roles with CRUD granularity and hosting on-premise let us provide the right level of security to Intred. We also appreciated the intuitive interface of Strapi as it was easy for Intred employees who know WordPress to get used to it.

Strapi helps us deliver projects faster. We can use the ready-made things instead of building them and at the same time, we can customize the project however we want.

Francesco Falanga, Co-founder, CEO @Palmabit

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