How quickly tests and delivers their key data models for firefighters safety


    What is was founded in 2018 and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of firefighters. Thibaut is the Lead Tech of leading the development team and establishing the technical vision.

    Shelt.In offers portable connected equipment (IoT) that aims to reduce the risk of firefighters' accidents by monitoring their activities in operations. The device monitors the health and environmental data, such as vital health indicators and geographical position. Through a remote dashboard, the Fire Chief uses the data gathered to make decisions with full knowledge of hazardousness for their team.

    The key feature of is quickly detecting high-risk situations (like a fallen firefighter’s) through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

    Q2. and Strapi - delivering key vital data in the shortest time possible and their partner, SDIS 06, are currently conducting R&D in an experimentation phase. During this phase, their data models and architecture need to be quickly built and changed quickly in shorter periods. is delivering vital key data. The team quickly assessed their need to find a CMS capable of delivering content with consistent processing speed: as firefighters' lives are potentially on the line, the shortest processing delay and software hyperreactivity are compulsory.

    Before discovering Strapi, Thibaut and his team had only a simple API to check for tests but quickly felt limited. Because the API was entirely developed in NodeJS, they looked for a CMS using the same technology. Strapi’s intuitiveness and customizability allowed them to meet the fire brigade's needs precisely.


    A high performance environment for higher productivity

    Since they started to use the solution, the team has been able to set up a high-performance deployment environment, increasing the project's productivity and velocity. The the platform is now ready to meet the requirements of firefighters.


    Easy integration for a seamless first experience

    As advice to Strapi new users, Thibaut says: ”Don't be afraid if everything works the first time...! The integration is easy, so you should try it without hesitation.”

    Strapi convinced us not only because of its intuitiveness but also because of its ability to be customized to precisely meet the needs of our customers: the fire brigade.

    Thibaut David, Tech Lead
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