The new look of a more powerful CMS

Meet the new Strapi design

Design accessibility

More accessible

The new design is more accessible thanks to the optimized contrast ratio and adaptive element size.


More intuitive

The updated navigation makes Strapi easy to use for everyone. See for yourself.

All components at your fingertips

The Strapi Design System

Create plugins in a breeze

Plugin API

The foundation of the plugin ecosystem

With the new Plugin API and a programmatic approach, plugin developers only need to configure two files in the root of the package instead of modifying multiple files.

Unlock the full power of REST & GraphQL API

Content API

Fetch data in a smarter way

Database query engine

Grant access to Content API queries in a second

API Token

A new level of control and security

In v4, the Content API and the Admin API are separated and the access to the Content API can be easily managed using the API Tokens.

Fix errors faster

Error handling

Know what's wrong

Whenever you receive an error, you will know exactly what it means and how to solve the problem.

No more waiting. Try it out!