StrapiConf 2021

Editorial workflows, GIT them here!

How do we reconcile the differences between the needs of our developers and those of our content creation teams? Have you ever run into an editorial team who just doesn’t want to get their hands dirty with Git? There’s plenty of them. Strapi’s fantastic for giving them an interface to organize content to be consumed by frontends, but many of their needs work directly against Git-centric development workflows (aka GitOps) we see today. In this talk, we’ll cover how Strapi can be deployed alongside a frontend consuming application on a single project on From there, we’ll slowly piece together two parallel workflows for teams with very different needs in mind: - Editorial: don’t touch Git. Live content previews. Runtime collection creation that moves to master. - Development: Git as the source of truth, repeatable builds, isolated environments, Infrastructure-as-code.

Chad Carlson is a DevRel Engineer at, and during that time he has worked with Strapi quite a bit during his time documenting Node.js support and decoupled websites. He's interested in when decoupling is the right choice for teams (and when), and if he's not teaching himself a new programming language he can usually be found writing or cooking something or other.