The best Headless CMS for Vue.js

Manage your content using the Strapi admin panel and integrate the content API into your Vue.js application.

The easiest way to manage your content

Strapi is powered by a modern technology stack using Node.js – it's fast. Really fast.

Strapi provides a customizable API that will deliver your content to your Vue.js application.

When Vue.js meets Strapi

Strapi provide the best way of managing the content of your Vue.js application. You can query your data using the REST API or GraphQL.

By being a self-hosted CMS, Strapi allows you to host your data and therefore keep control over it. You have the choice to host it on any hosting platform you want.

A friendly learning curve

Vue.js is well known for being easy to learn, in fact, only basic HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge is required to get started.

As it will be easy to learn Vue.js and how to build your product with it, it will be just as easy to manage your content with Strapi.


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