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Writers and Topics we're looking for

This program is for Strapi enthusiasts who want to contribute to our list of JAMstack tutorials, deep-dives, and reviews and make other developer's life easier by helping them learn through hands-on examples.

We're looking for writers who are developers first. Although we're mostly looking for experienced authors who have already published blog posts and tutorials on websites such as Medium,, Hackernoon, or your personal blog, we're also supportive of people who have never published anything but interested in a writing their first technical piece.

You will definitely pick our interest if you can write articles or tutorials that go quite in-depth and include a significant number of learning nuggets. We're absolutely NOT looking for promotional pieces or marketing pitches. It's all about problem-solving guides for developers that want to go beyond the Strapi documentation. Here is a list of topics as examples:

  • Tutorials that teaches how to create a real-world application from scratch using Strapi and any frontend tech
  • Quick tutorials on how to deploy Strapi
  • How to create corporate/portfolio websites with Strapi
  • How to create e-commerce websites with Strapi
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Collaborating on Content Creation and Promotion

All in a Github repository

Pitch your article or tutorial ideas to us by submitting them on our official repository.

We have created a set of GitHub issue templates for everyone to contribute and collaborate on improving our collection of community tutorials.

Each person who has published content will be listed on the README of the repository as well as on the tutorials page.

Create my first tutorial

Publication Timeline

A Simple and Transparent Process

All tutorial ideas are visible in the repository project board. From you can either pick an idea from the list and let us know you're working on it or submit a new draft for review.

If you apply for an existing idea, please submit a short outline and ideally a link to a previous tutorial or technical blog post you've written.

From there, we'll review and let you know if your submission is accepted and explain what type of reward you can expect!


  • Apply
  • Write
  • Publish
  • Get rewarded
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Earn something in return for your original contribution!
Although we don't have a specific dollar amount for tutorial contribution, we have a dedicated budget...

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