If you are familiar with our blog you must have seen that we've released a series of tutorials on how to make blogs using Strapi with a lot of frontend frameworks: Gatsby, React, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js or Angular.

Well this was my idea when I saw that a large part of our users build editorial websites with Strapi. My name is Maxime and I'm in charge of the Write for the community program. I'll explain in this blog post what this program consist of, why I created it and how you can join it.

Community content

I first came with the idea of a place where you'll be able to find every tutorials related to Strapi. I created a Github repository called strapi/strapi-tutorials where anyone can list an existing tutorial, request, create, improve or even translate a tutorial through issues. These tutorials are then listed on our https://strapi.io/tutorials page and today, we count 50 of them.

The idea is dead simple, use Github repository to list and manage every existing tutorials and it's working great.

But we want to go further and expand this repository. What if we also want to list Strapi/JAMstack/open-source related articles and a showcase on this same repository, listing every project created with Strapi! It would become a community hub where all the resources related to Strapi are gathered in one place, accessible by anyone, manageable by anyone.

So we decided to rename this repository strapi/community-content to include more amazing contributions from members of the Strapi Community. Let's take a closer to the tutorial and article part that are featured in this repository.


As a developer, if I had to choose a technology, I'll definitely choose the one that has the most resources which will help me to get started the easiest and fastest way possible.

I always choose a tech with a good documentation, some good tutorials and some examples to discover what have people already built with it.

I noticed that it was also the case with friends of mine and it might be the case for you too. So I decided to create this tutorial section.

How it works

All in a Github repository

You are completely free to create content on your own, publish it either on a well known blog website such as Medium, Dev.to, Hackernoon, Scotch.io, your own blog or even ours!

Submit it to our official repository. Once your content added to the repository, it will then be visible on our tutorials page.

We have created a set of GitHub issue templates for everyone to contribute and collaborate on improving our collection of community tutorials


For example, if you choose to make a tutorial request, you'll have this generated issue template that you'll only need to fill in.


This way I can manage all the issues in the repository project and give you visibility on the progress of the different issues.


All published tutorials are automatically fetched and showcased on a dedicated tutorials page on the Strapi website!


We're very grateful for all the contributions we've received so far, and make sure to actively promote all the tutorials submitted on this repository!



What should you write about?

If no existing topics inspires you, we are looking for certain types of content:

  • Tutorials that teaches how to create a real-world application from scratch using Strapi and any frontend tech
  • Quick tutorials on how to deploy Strapi


We know how much time it takes to write a detailed and educational tutorial and for that reason we'll consider compensating contributions on a case by case basis.

  • Your name/Github image on the official Github repository
  • Goodies
  • The complete Strapi course from Strapi training materials

Although we don't have a specific dollar amount for tutorial contribution, we have a dedicated budget..


Recent tutorials:

Upcoming tutorials:

Get started with Strapi tutorials


We're looking for writers who'd like to talk about their experience using Strapi, JAMstack or open source related things. Although we're mostly looking for experienced authors who have already published blog posts on websites such as Medium, Dev.to, Hackernoon, Scotch.io or your personal blog, we're also supportive of people who have never published anything but interesting in a writing their first technical piece.

You will definitely pick our interest if you can write articles that go quite in-depth and include a significant number of learning nuggets. We're absolutely NOT looking for promotional pieces or marketing pitches. It's all about interesting thins to tell to the community concerning everything that operate in the Strapi environment.

Get started with Strapi articles

If you want to be part of this program, I created a slack channel on our Public Slack called makers, feel free to join and talk with all the makers around Strapi.

Can't wait to see your contribution

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