Last week, the Strapi team hosted its second Online Meetup and it was again a real pleasure to connect with the Strapi community. You are hungry for tutorials but definitely curious to see someone doing one during a live session!

Shout out to @ScottAgirs who started a thread on GitHub to identify topics/pain points to be discussed in future webinars.

Follow this link to share your ideas.

Here is a quick recap of this webinar including the video recording, and 2 questions from the audience.

By the numbers:

  • 61 registrants 👥
  • 36 attendees 🔊
  • 135 messages 💬
  • 2 questions ❓

In this online meetup, Maxime shows you how to build a blog using React for the frontend, Apollo for requesting the Strapi API and Strapi as the backend. Here is an example of what it can looks like:

In you wonder how you can follow this tutorial we can redirect you to the article itself: Build a blog with React and Strapi.
Or you may want to directly try the result of this tutorial: Strapi Starter React Blog.

Is REST API a dependency in any way for GraphQL plugin?

For now the REST API is mandatory on Strapi.

Any idea of ETA for unique fields other than ID? (slugs for example)

Absolutely, UID are coming soon like we mentioned on the Monthly Update. This kind of field is used to create an SEO-friendly URL to retrieve content from the frontend application. We are very excited to provide a proper way to build URLs that match the SEO needs.

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