Getting started

Let's start to discover how to use Strapi in real life.

  • Installation

    Open your terminal and run the following command.

    npm install strapi@alpha -g

    If you encounter npm permissions issues, change the permissions to npm default directory.

  • Create your first project

    Use the built-in CLI to generate your first project. Run this command and wait until the project is created.

    strapi new myProject

    Then, the CLI will ask you to choose your database. We highly recommend to use MongoDB (better support)!

    Choose your main database:
    > MongoDB (highly recommended)
    > Postgres
    > MySQL
    ⚠️ Make sure MongoDB is running on your machine. Otherwise, the project creation will fail...

    Fill the database information. The default values should work if you have just installed MongoDB.

    Choose your main database: MongoDB (highly recommended)
    Database name: strapi
    Port: 27017
    Authentication database:
    Enable SSL connection: false

    Next, enter in your project.

    cd myProject
  • Launch the server

    Now, you have to use another command of the CLI to run the server. And you will be done!

    strapi start

    Open your browser and go to the administration panel (http://localhost:1337/admin) to create the first user.

    Strapi admin panel


    Congratulations, you've finished the "Getting Started" tutorial.
    Follow the instructions in the administration panel to get deeper into Strapi.