Getting started

Let's start to discover how to use Strapi in real life.

  • Installation

    Open your terminal and run the following command.

    npm install strapi@alpha -g

    If you encounter npm permissions issues, change the permissions to npm default directory.

  • Create your first project

    Use the built-in CLI to generate your first project. Run this command and wait until the project is created.

    strapi new myProject

    Then, enter in your project.

    cd myProject
  • Launch the server

    Now, you have to use another command of the CLI to run the server. And you will be done!

    ⚠️ Make sure that MongoDB is running on your machine before starting the server.
    strapi start

    Open your browser and go to the administration panel (http://localhost:1337/admin) to create the first user.

    Strapi admin panel