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Graphic API design

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You don't have time to waste and you want to get things done quickly, you just found your plugin! With its intuitive user interface made with icons, colours and other impressive stuff, you will design your API in a few minutes.

No coding skills required, just your keyboard, your mouse (maybe a display screen) and you'll design your API like a real developer (not the greasy hair kind), a PRO. It follows REST conventions (along with GraphQL if you have the plugin installed) and creates your API with filters and a search endpoint.


•  Installed by default — Every new project has this plugin installed by default (along with others).

•  User Interface — Stop coding, start clicking.

•  Auto-restart — When you've finished to edit your API's structure, the server will automatically restart.

•  Security first — You can't update your API in production to avoid mistakes and downtime for your users.

•  Fields & Relations — Design your models with the already available fields (like text, number, boolean & more) and relationships with others models.

❤️  The community loves this plugin, they make really good improvements on it so, if you don't find the field you are looking for in the already available ones don't worry! The active community will certainly add it real soon! Open-Source first.

Here's a preview of the plugin...