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Fast and Secure File Upload

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Regardless of the kind of API your building, you'll often face the need to upload files. Whether or not you need such feature this plugin is already installed in each new project created with Strapi (you can uninstall it), it handles the upload of all the file extensions and you'll be able to attach your uploaded files to an existing field.

⚠️  Be aware this plugin doesn't offer crop, resize or edit features. It only handles file upload, if you're looking for a Photoshop-like feature, please take a look at the Media Library plugin.


•  Installed by default — No need to download or buy this plugin, it's already installed on every generated project.

•  Support all kind of files — Images, videos, PDF, text and many more...

•  Image preview — It offers a beautiful preview for images right in the edit view.

•  Provider-based — Upload your files on AWS, Cloudinary, Rackspace, etc.

Here's the preview of the plugin...