REST is over here comes GraphQL

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GraphQL is a new query language for your API and Strapi is really cool since it can work with both the REST and GraphQL convention! GraphQL has been developed by Facebook (these guys are good) and became very popular over the past years since it speeds up your API response time by querying only the information you need! A lot of developers believe that it will become the new API standard in a few years (that's why you should get this plugin...).

This plugin provides a GraphQL endpoint to your project. Currently, you can only retrieve (query) data from the endpoint. However, the plugin will support mutations (create, update, delete) soon. Based on Apollo, it offers a full compatibility with the whole GraphQL and third-parties ecosystem.


•  One-click Integration — Install the plugin, it just works!
•  Compatible with the ecosystem — Based on Apollo, you can enjoy the GraphQL ecosystem at its best.
•  Aggregation — Only compatible with Mongo databases.
•  Query — Single and plural queries with filters, pagination and conditions.
•  Mutation — Coming soon...