Looking for an efficient open-source headless CMS?

Strapi and its set of plugins will save you weeks of development time, whether you're managing content for a website or developing a mobile application.

Content Management

The admin panel has been designed to offer the best Content Management experience.

Managing content is the main purpose of a CMS. The Content Manager, installed by default in every Strapi project, allows content editors to easily add, edit and delete content including media and other assets.

This intuitive interface can be used by both experts and beginners. No matter who the end user is, you can give access to the admin panel with confidence.

Last but not least, this interface is extensible, so you can customize it using existing plugins or developing yours.

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Flexible structure

Thanks to many available field types, you define the Content Type Structure according to your very specific needs:
  • String Titles, names, paragraphs, list of names
  • Text Descriptions, text paragraphs, articles
  • Number Everything that is number
  • Boolean Yes or no, 1 or 0, true or false
  • Date Event date, opening hours
  • JSON Data in JSON format
  • Email User's email, etc.
  • Password User password, etc.
  • Media Images, videos, PDFs and other files
  • Relation Refers to another Content Type
  • Enumeration List of choices
  • And more Add your own!

Explore the other features

There are many other features to discover and we are sure you will love them.
To see the next coming features, have a look at the roadmap.
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Customizable API

Request your API using REST or GraphQL.
Every API endpoint can be public or restricted to specific roles.

Authentication & Permissions

Secure your endpoints by allowing or not allowing users to access your API by roles.

File Upload

Upload of any kinds of files on your server or external providers (AWS S3, Cloudinary, etc).

Settings Manager

Edit the configuration and adjust security rules of your Strapi project.

Want more plugins?

An entire community is doing an amazing job to grow the number of plugins available on Strapi such as authentication, payment, search and many more.

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