First of all, Happy New Year!

2019 has been another great year not only for Strapi but also for the ecosystem.

JAMstack and Headless CMS trends are growing like never before!

JAMstack and Headless CMS trends

Over the last 12 months, Strapi grew:

The numbers speak for themselves. 2019 was super exciting and made Strapi the most advanced open-source, Node.js based, headless CMS!

Let’s start with a quick recap of the past year.

2019 achievements πŸ‘€


The community has been very engaged and more vibrant than ever:

  • 1387 issues closed
  • 726 pull requests merged
  • 168 contributors

Strapi activity on GitHub

A HUGE thanks and shout out to all contributors!


From the beginning, the product has been our #1 priority. We strongly believe that the best way to make you happy is to give you the most wanted features through a fantastic user experience. That’s why we spend so much time discussing on GitHub issues and analyzing your requests on our roadmap.


Lots of new functionalities have been released:

Adding Repeatable Groups and Dynamic Zones made Strapi not only the leading open-source Headless CMS but also the most flexible one! Thanks to these features, you can configure Strapi to make it perfectly suited for your most specific needs required by your personal and professional projects.


Strapi went from Alpha to Beta.


We not only released features in the product but also published an entire React components library based on styled-components: Buffet.js.

That way, you will be able to quickly create your own Strapi plugins with a seamless design.


Many of you appreciated our tutorials, like Building a Static Blog using Gatsby and Strapi, and asked for more. For these reasons, we published the Tutorials page, which is both a curation of external tutorials and a way to publish more tutorials made by the community.

Almost 10 tutorials have been published since its publication and much more curated from the community. We are always looking for new writers. If you have already written a Strapi tutorial or blogs and would like us to feature it on our website and social media, please don't hesitate to send us the link via email or create an issue on the Strapi tutorial GitHub repository.


Headless is clearly the future of CMS and Strapi has the ambition to become the de-facto solution. To accelerate our growth we've raised $4M from awesome investors.

This funding boost will help deliver on our vision of making content accessible to any platform while offering the only fully open-source, JavaScript-based, community-powered and 100% customizable Headless CMS, entirely free for developers.


I am extremely proud of the team that actually doubled in size this year. We have been very happy to welcome Virginie, Alexandre, Maxime, Maeva, Bayane, Victor, and Julien. It’s all about people!

Strapi team

Oh, by the way, we are still hiring!

2020 πŸ›£

2019 was great, 2020 is going to be even more exciting! Here are our New Year's resolutions!

Stable version

Even though the beta version is a lot more stable than the Alpha, we know that some of you are eagerly waiting for the stable release to use Strapi in production. I'm thrilled to announce that the stable version will be released in the first quarter πŸŽ‰.

Product roadmap

Our public roadmap is based on the most upvoted requests from the Strapi community.

Here are the upcoming features for the first quarter:

Then, we will release the two most wanted enterprise features:


When it comes to advanced usage or customization, the documentation is extremely important for developers. We've added 20 guides over the past three months. Not only will we continue in this direction but also update its structure so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

That's precisely why we are looking for a Technicalβ€―Writer.


One of our new year resolutions is to organize more Strapi events both online and offline to interact live with the community. This is why we are launching the first-ever Strapi webinar Thursday, January 23rd 2020 - 5:00 PM (CET), powered by our friends at Livestorm!

Join us for this online meetup with AurΓ©lien Georget, co-founder and Chief Product Officer as he presents what's new in the latest version of Strapi and gives us a sneak peek at what the future will look like:


Deploying Strapi can be tricky for front-end developers who are used to LowCode/NoCode. To make your life easier we will provide you with "one-click buttons" so that you can effortlessly deploy fresh Strapi projects on your favorite cloud provider.


Just teasing, the Strapi website will soon wear a brand new style!

2019 was great. 2020 is going to be awesome. We're thrilled and humbled to share this journey with you! πŸ˜€

Happy with this news? Please spread the word or add a comment. πŸ“£

Did we forget anything in our New Year's resolutions? Please let us know and thank you so much for all these support messages throughout the year! πŸš€

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